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Welcome to the UK and Ireland largest action and adventure sports network. We’ve been leading the field in action sports bookings since 1998, over the years generating millions of individual participants for our partner venues.

We work with over 1715 of the very best venues this country has to offer. If you run a centre providing action or adventure sports and want more high quality bookings you’ll be in good company.

Employing powerful marketing techniques developed over many years we generate a steady stream of enquiries (thousands every single week!). These enquiries are handled by a dedicated team of sales staff who liaise with the customer and turn these enquiries into bookings for our partnered venues.

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How it works?

We keep the customer well informed from initial enquiry to turning up at your venue - supplying maps, directions and exemplary customer service and support every step of the way!!

  • 1

    A customer finds one of our websites while searching for a location close to home.

  • 2

    After finding a suitable venue the customer submits their enquiry.

  • 3

    One of our highly trained activity advisors calls the customer to finalise the details & collect payment details.

  • 4

    Subject to you having availability the booking is confirmed and your amended bookings diary is sent to you.

  • 5

    2 or 3 days prior to the event you are paid by bank transfer.

  • 6

    The customer and their group turn up at your venue for an experience to remember!

Here are just a few of our many endorsements from partner venues

  • We have had the pleasure of working with karting Nation for the last 12 years. Their staff are friendly and efficient, the admin. process is seamless and their 'front end' service is of such a standard we are happy consider them ambassadors for our venue. Their team really do feel a part of our team

    Karting, Hoddesdon
  • Working with Go Ballistic is beneficial to both parties and the booking process is very straight forward, there is never any problems with the bookings that come through. The staff are very helpful with getting new bookings and the professionalism makes them very easy to work with. I look forward to working closely with Go Ballistic in the future and in turn helping the businesses grow.

    Paintball, Woking
  • We have worked with The Activity People for nearly 10 years and they are one of the biggest agencies that we use. Their staff are friendly, reliable and helpful whether this is on the phone or by email. Their service in regards to enquiries, bookings and payments is quick and easy. All of the customers that we receive are well informed of the activities that we offer and always very pleased with their service.

    Archery, Quads, Off road karting, clays, 4x4, Market Harborough
  • All Terrain Services Limited have been supplying The Activity People with Quad Biking Treks and 4x4 Off Road Gift Experiences for over 5 years. The staff that we have regular contact with are always very friendly and afford a prompt and professional service in arranging these customer experiences.

    Quads, 4x4, Multiple Sites
  • We at the Hertford Clay Pigeon Club have worked successfully with The Activity People for 10 years and during that time have built a solid relationship of trust and good understanding with the team. Their booking system is swift and foolproof and the helpful staff at Activity HQ always double check to ensure the client's wishes are fulfilled. Their clients always enjoy their experience with us and many come back time and again

    Clays, Hertford
  • Always a pleasure to work with the team at The Activity People, good fun, accurate bookings and not a single problem in the years we have worked along side them, and there aren't many suppliers you can say that about!

    Archery, Quads, Clays, Off road karting, Assault Course, Thornicombe
  • Working in partnership with Go Ballistic has only ever been easy and simple.

    Paintball, Birmingham South West


  • What does it cost to become a partner venue?

    It doesn’t cost you a penny to sign up. As long as you are a high quality venue with an exemplary approach to customer service and you operate in an area that we don’t have sufficient coverage becoming a partner is simple and free.

  • How do you make money?

    We aim to price match our partner venues through all our marketing channels, which means we require a small commission for sending bookings your way. In this way we only earn money if we successfully market your venue!

  • How many extra bookings can I expect?

    This really does depend upon the activity and whereabouts you are located. Some of our busiest venues receive thousands of extra participants each year, others a few hundred and some may only receive a few dozen. But, signup is free and we only earn revenues if we send you bookings so partnership is risk free!

  • How simple is it to become a partner?

    Very simple. We have a very straightforward partnership agreement outlining commission levels and details of the packages we can resell. We also need venue details, some photographs and your bank details, of course, to ensure timely payments.

  • When do I get paid?

    Our partner payment run is every Thursday. We pay all upcoming bookings for the next 7 days on each payment run. With most bookings taking place at the weekends this means that you are generally paid one or two days prior to the event date.

  • How does this fit into my current marketing strategy?

    Partnering with us is an extremely useful addition to your overall sales and marketing strategy. With our expertise in achieving a consistently high level of exposure across our many specialist websites. You as a partner will benefit from an increased level visibility normally associated with very high advertising and marketing spends.

  • How good are you at generating bookings?

    There is no cost in partnering with us and we only earn a commission for bookings we place with partner venues meaning no bookings = no revenues. If we weren’t extremely good at delivering bookings to our partners we wouldn’t be partnered with over 1200 venues or still be around after 18 years!

  • Are partner venues tied to any long term agreements?

    Absolutely not, you can leave the partnership at any time. We only ask that pre agreed bookings are honoured and delivered to the customer. Satisfied customers should be everyones priority.

  • Is the partnership flexible? Can I amend my listing at any time?

    It is 100% flexible, you can adjust your offerings at any time. As ever though if you change any package details we ask that you honour any bookings already agreed upon. Let's keep those customers happy.

  • Are you the same as groupon, wowcher etc?

    Not at all. For starters we don’t undercut your own retail prices. We are not a deal broker seeking short term relationships based around a special offer. We seek long term partnerships with high quality activity centres. Many of our partners have been working with us for well over 10 years.

  • Are you just another booking agency?

    We don’t see ourselves as providing an agency service. Instead we think we are better described as an additional and extremely effective marketing channel for your business. Most importantly we don’t charge money just because people click on our websites or look at our pages - we only earn money if we send you bookings. In other words we put our money where our mouth is - if we can’t send you business we won’t earn a penny!

  • What happens if bad weather means an event needs cancelling?

    We always inform customers that activities will go ahead in all conditions UNLESS they are contacted by an instructor. You will have customer contact details prior to the event and so will be able to contact the customer directly - the default policy under these circumstances is to put the booking on hold and arrange alternative dates. Under some circumstances a refund may be more appropriate and these will be assessed and discussed on a case by case basis.

About Us

We have a rich pedigree in the action sports sector. Our operations were founded in 1998 as a single site operator together with operations as a national team building and event management company.

We offered paintballing, archery, climbing (with both a mobile climbing wall and more traditional rock), watersports, motor sports from our fixed woodland venue and on a mobile basis across the country. With many large clients including Guinness, Coca Cola, The Post Office, Pilkington, Skipton Building society as well as other event management and team building companies relying on us.

Demand for our services grew rapidly with an ever increasing number of enquiries both for geographical areas not covered and activities not currently supplied. This was despite the growth of our centrally owned paintball site network which, by 2003, stood at 14 sites across the UK.

Contracting these bookings to third party activity suppliers proved to be the solution and as time progressed our industry partners grew, leading to an informal but national network of activity suppliers that we could use, to mutual benefit, to fulfil our customer enquiries.

It was a natural progression to start formally partnering with venues to build specialist activity networks which we could market under our strong activity specific brands. We do still process bookings for corporate team building days and our founders have interests that remain in the paintball sector. But our main strength and core business is marketing activities utilising the skills and channels we have built over the years and generating thousands of activity participants for our partner venues every single week.

Contact Us

Tom Kilmurray Partner Relations Executive

Direct Line: 0800 078 9505

If you would like more bookings for your venue and would like to partner with us or you have any further questions, then please complete this enquiry form and I'll get in touch by return.